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Bebong A. Muñoz

Atty. Albert A. Muňoz is a lawyer-entrepreneur with a focus on Media and Business Transactions.

He is the founder and owner of media companies which specialize in contract law and negotiations in the entertainment industry. He is also engaged in mergers and acquisition of SMEs, and provides legal and business advice on real estate transactions.

Prior to LCMC, Bebong was Head of Programming and Talent Management at TV5 of the MVP Group of Companies. He also served as an international business consultant in New York and Asia. He was the Director for Asia Region of Development Finance International, a Washington DC-based development finance company. In New York, he was an Economic Development Marketing Advisor of the Government of Puerto Rico and other US local governments. He also served as a Government Reinvention Advisor as part of the Public Strategies Group for the City of New York.

Bebong started his career in law as a City Councilor and as a Presidential Appointee/Undersecretary. He later joined the litigation team of Puyat Jacinto & Santos Law.

Atty. Muňoz is a graduate of Ateneo de Manila, University of the Philippines College of Law, and has a Masters in Public Affairs from Columbia University. He was admitted to the bar in 2002.